See Emma Chamberlain’s L.A. Home Featuring Her “Dream” Dressing Room

Emma also showed off many paintings made by her dad, who is an artist, hung up around her home.

“My dad’s a rockstar and I love his stuff,” she said. “It would be kind of awkward if I didn’t, so I’m really glad I do like it.”

One of the standout rooms in her large home includes her dressing room, which the 21-year-old noted is her “dream.”

“I live alone, so I had some extra bedrooms to play with,” she explained. “One thing that was kind of a dream of mine was to have a dressing room. Where I can get my hair and makeup done.”

Although the lavish area might seem a bit out of character for her, she explained that she’s simply making the most out of the space she had available.


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