The First Teaser For Netflix’s Easy-Bake Battle Is Delicious

This series is anything but half-baked.

Netflix released the trailer for its newest cooking show, Easy-Bake Battle: The Home Cooking Competition—and this isn’t your average bake-off. In this battle—inspired by Hasbro’s iconic toy—chefs are encouraged to make their dishes as easy as pie. 

“I’m here to show you that good food doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy,” host Antoni Porowski explained in E! News’ exclusive clip. “And to celebrate the unsung heroes of the home kitchen.” Finally, some recognition!

One contestant echoed just that, noting, “We do not give enough credit to the home cooks. I am cooking everyday—that has gotta count for something!”

And it won’t be in poor taste for competitors to quickly whip together their treats.

“These cooks will use clever tricks,” Porowski said, “to cheat their way to easy and delicious dishes.”

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