Ghosts Season 2 Will Feature One of the Original U.K. Stars

On the U.K. version, Baynton plays someone completely different (and completely dead). Since season one, he’s starred as the ghost of Thomas Thorne, a dramatic poet who ultimately falls in love with married (and alive) Button House owner Alison (Charlotte Ritchie). Hey—at least in the American version, Baynton could have a corporeal romance.

And for showrunners and executive producers Joe Port and Joe Wiseman, his cameo was anything but frightening. 

“We’d been looking for a chance to have one of the U.K. ghosts on, so we were thrilled when Mat said yes, and not surprised at all when he knocked the role out of the park,” they said. “Our main goal when we set out to adapt Ghosts was honestly to make something that the British creators liked, so to have this stamp of approval from someone we admire so much, was a huge validation for our whole team.”

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