Homicide for the Holidays Preview Is Real-Life Horror Movie

Sometimes the scariest horror stories are the ones that happen in real life.

Oxygen’s Homicide for the Holidays is proof of this. The true crime series is back with brand-new Halloween-themed episodes beginning Oct. 7, and E! News can exclusively reveal a sneak peek of the premiere.

The episode follows the true story of a teenage boy who “discovers a real-life horror scene in his home on Halloween morning and soon realizes it’s not a holiday prank,” the network’s description reads.

In the clip, the show’s narrator states that police and first responders discovered a couple “brutally murdered” in their bedroom upon arriving at the house. But it’s what they found upstairs that the narrator says truly “shocked” them.

“The bedroom door was locked,” Ottawa County prosecutor Mark Mulligan recalled, adding that when authorities finally forced the door open, inside they found “a young man laying in bed with a gaping, blunt force trauma wound to his head.”

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