Kyle Richards Slams Rumor Kathy Hilton Allegedly Used Homophobic Slur

File this rumor under false.

The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsKyle Richards is officially putting an end to a “lie” about her sister Kathy Hilton that’s been circulating online since they filmed season 12 of the Bravo series. The rumor—which was mostly shared on Housewives fan pages—alleged Kathy called co-star Sutton Stracke‘s assistant, Josh, a homophobic slur.

On the Bravo after show for RHOBH‘s Sept. 28 episode, Kyle recounted the dramatic aftermath of Kathy’s Aspen “meltdown,” but fiercely defended her from any other rumors about what went down during the trip.

“While I was filming [Halloween Ends] in Georgia, I was alone,” Kyle said before seemingly referencing the slur allegations. “And then I started reading lies in the tabloids. The things online that said what my sister said were not said. It was directed towards me. Some people were saying she said something about Sutton’s assistant. It said something about when he was moving Sutton’s luggage…he wasn’t even in Aspen.”

Kyle didn’t stop there, adding, “It’s one thing to say what really happened, and another thing for people to be creating and inventing things that my sister said that could be very damaging that actually weren’t true.”

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