Amanza Smith’s BF Will Appear in Selling Sunset Season 6

Amanza Smith‘s boyfriend clearly passed inspection. 

The Selling Sunset agent, who has been keeping her partner under wraps for months, revealed that we’ll get to meet him for the first time on season six of the Netflix hit. Speaking with E! News at the pre-launch soiree for CasaWire, a new furniture and housewares app, on Sept. 29, Smith teased how he’ll be introduced to the world.

“He filmed a scene with me the other day via FaceTime because he is still playing football in another country,” she said. “He’s amazing and he’s not going anywhere.”

And while Smith told E! News back in April that she was enjoying keeping the relationship “private,” now she’s had a change of heart, revealing that “the world will see him more because I’m ready to share.”

And what is Smith’s favorite quality of her mystery man? In addition to being “kind-hearted, smart, sexy” and “an amazing father,” the interior decorator loves that her boyfriend is “mellow.”

“I’m bats–t crazy. He calms me down. He balances me out. We are a perfect pair,” she said. “His mellow is perfect for my crazy.”

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