Danielle Ruhl Details “Ups and Downs” Following Nick Thompson Split

While she’s technically single now, that doesn’t mean that fans should expect to hear any updates about Danielle’s dating life just yet. “I don’t think I’ll be ready to date anytime soon,” she shared. “It takes me a long time to get over people. We’re still going through the divorce process. Dating is not in my near-term feature right now.”
As far as what is in Danielle’s near-term future right now? The 29-year-old has working been working on new music, which is available on her YouTube channel. Danielle also revealed that she shared one of her very first songs with Nick prior to their split.
“I showed him one of them because one of the things that we did relate on was mental health and something that we’re both passionate about, and he cried,” she shared. “Just because obviously, he knows me. But that was just another reason where I’m like, ‘It does resonate with other people.’ But, he’s fully supportive.”

And with all that support, even after they’ve parted ways, as Danielle believes, there is room for friendship at some point down the line.
“He’s a great guy,” Danielle said of Nick. “Just because it didn’t work out like in the way that we had hoped, I would love to be friends in the future. I think it’s a little bit raw right now. So, it’s kind of difficult, but we went through something that no one else in the world has.”

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