Ramy Youssef Explains Why Bella Hadid Was Such a Fit on Ramy

“With her, it just felt like, ‘Oh yeah, of course,'” Youssef revealed. “Of course her and Steve are so obsessed with The Office that they’re just obsessed with each other.”

He added, “Just from talking with her and getting to know her, I was certain that her emotional access as a person, she’s such a cool person, I felt really confident that that would translate on the screen. It really does in a really cool way.”

The show spawned a real-life friendship between Youssef and Hadid after, according to an interview with GQ, Youssef e-mailed Hadid out-of-the-blue and asked if she’d be interested in appearing on Ramy.

Youssef admitted “I don’t think this is what anybody thought she was going to be doing,” but that’s part of why it ended up working out so well, as Youssef said of Hadid’s performance, “I was very impressed.”

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