The Walking Dead Showrunner Teases How Things Will End

The Walking Dead is on its last legs. 

As the beloved zombie drama rolls out the last eight episodes of its 11th and final season, returning on Oct. 2, showrunner Angela Kang understands that expectations are high to wrap things up in satisfying fashion. 

“The thing we felt we absolutely had to do was make sure that we have some level of closure for each character’s story,” she told TVLine. “Whatever form that takes, we wanted to have some sense of where they land emotionally…so if you saw nothing else after this, you’d still have a sense that things are done.”

As for what to expect from The Walking Dead‘s swan song? Well, Angela revealed there are plenty of questions left to be answered.

“There’s a concept that we used for these episodes that was [not only] fitting for the [end] of the show,” she said, “but also has to do with being at the Commonwealth, which is a community which has you stuck in your past. Our protagonists, if you look back to who they were before, there’s so much growth. So they’re reckoning with that. Who were we? Who are we now? Who do we want to be now?”

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