Tyson Fury hasn’t signed for Mahmoud Charr fight: ‘Are you scared, Mr. Big Giraffe?’ rages Charr | Boxing News

Tyson Fury has not signed to fight Mahmoud Charr, the heavyweight who is eager to step in for Anthony Joshua to face the WBC champion on December 3.

Fury’s promoter Frank Warren has been in talks with Joshua’s representatives to stage an all-British super-fight before the end of this year.

However on Thursday Fury declared that he had run out of patience with Joshua and if he did not sign their contract he’d look to alternative opponents.

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Tyson Fury looks to be lining up a fight with former WBA champion Mahmoud Charr as he claims the Anthony Joshua fight is off again. Credit: @TysonFury

But he does not appear to have committed to another fight yet. Charr, whom Fury has named as a potential next challenger, revealed to Sky Sports that Fury has not signed a contract to fight him.

That will raise hopes that the negotiations between the Fury and Joshua teams can be salvaged, even if it leaves Charr himself frustrated.

“Mr. Big Giraffe? Where’s the paper?” Charr said in an address to Fury.

“You didn’t sign. You make the same play like Anthony Joshua. I can’t understand. Yesterday you shoot your mouth [off] very big. You want to fight two guys in a night… Send the paper and make the fight happen.”

Charr said that his promoter had not heard back from Warren and Fury’s team. So he continued to goad Fury.

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Eddie Hearn says that Tyson Fury’s team offered Dereck Chisora the fight today and does not know where the negotiations stand with Anthony Joshua

“Are you scared? You’re a scared boy, you little big dosser?” he said, misquoting one of the insults that Fury often favours when describing his rivals.

“Mr. Big Giraffe, I’m waiting for you,” Charr told Fury. “Yesterday you had a big mouth. Where is the agreement? I signed but where is yours?

“We didn’t have a response from your promoter Frank Warren. Sign the agreement. Send me the paper.

“I’m waiting for you.”

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