Zac Efron Will Remember This Movie Scene “For the Rest of My Life”

Mesmerizing indeed, but maybe not the most ideal place to actually make a movie. After all, Peter Farrelly, who wrote and directed the film, exclusively told E! News “it was not smooth sailing” when it came to filming.

“We were in the jungles of Thailand,” he said. “It was 100 degrees, 100% humidity. It was muddy, rainy, you know, buggy, snake-y, so it was harder than any movie I’ve ever made.”

But Peter noted that it was all worth it as the conditions painted a realistic picture on-screen.

“I think it comes across like when those guys are in the in battle there, you could feel that they’re exhausted, they’re tired,” the Green Book director said. “They really are muddy, and I think it makes it more real.”

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