What Alex Rodriguez Is Wishing for Ex J.Lo After Ben Affleck Wedding

Even though things didn’t work out with Lopez, Rodriguez is confident he’ll make a good partner one day. When asked if he’s “husband material,” the entrepreneur told Chris Wallace he is and expressed how his priorities have changed over the years.

While Rodriguez said he “lost my way a little bit and became A-Rod” during his baseball career, he noted that after his suspension from the 2014 season over his violation of Major League Baseball’s performance-enhancing drug policy, he “worked myself through a lot of therapy and through a lot of work to Alex Rodriguez.” And that’s when his priorities shifted.

“I think pre-suspension, if you asked me what winning looks like, I would have said big contracts, home runs, World Series, nice cars, women,” he continued, “Post-suspension I look at more the team, building, being a great father, being a son, being a friend, high character, loyalty, all those things. So, in my 20s, early 30s, probably not the best. I think I’m going to make a wonderful partner or husband and father because of the lessons learned of my biggest mistakes.” 

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