Proof Tom Brady’s Son Jack Is Following in the Quarterback’s Footsteps

Although, Brady said Jack is pretty good at the game.

“He’s a grinder, and he’s a very good athlete—great hand-eye coordination,” he added. “He actually moves better than I did at his age. Like I said though, the point of sports to me, certainly in high school age, is to just enjoy it and do it with your friends and it’ll get more serious as you get older.”

As for the position Jack plays, Brady said the teen is a free safety but also plays quarterback. So if he ever wants some advice on a play, he can always turn to dad.

“I love watching him play quarterback ‘cause I think there’s very few things in life that I could probably help him with,” Brady said. “I don’t have a lot of specialties in life other than probably throwing the football. He’s way smarter. He’s got a great work ethic. He’s just a great kid. But I can definitely help him at quarterback.”

And ultimately, Brady said playing sports can teach lessons not only about the game itself but also about the game of life.

“It’s really great as a parent to see your kids joyful,” he said. “That’s what we all hope for our kids. You know, you want to provide them the experience that they can to grow, and to grow into their adolescence, and to deal with adversities, and deal with wins and losses in life—not just in sports but on a test and with their friendships. That’s the most important thing I see is dealing with their friends, and dealing with accountability and responsibility, and learning to overcome challenges, and dealing with failures, and dealing with successes, and all those things youth sports really teaches us all.”

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