Devon Sawa on What It’s Really like Filming With a Chucky Doll

Get ready for a bloody good time, horror fans.

SYFY’s Chucky is back for its sophomore season Oct. 5 and according to star Devon Sawa, “It’s like season one but on steroids.”

“There’s all sorts of crazy things that happen and I’m telling you people are not gonna be upset this year,” the actor exclusively told E! News. “They’re gonna be thrilled.”

The new season will follow Chucky as he seeks revenge on the teens who thwarted his plan to invade America’s children’s hospitals last year. Because his character died last season, Sawa is returning in a new role as a priest at a school for juvenile delinquents—and one who definitely has his run-ins with the mischievous killer doll.

“This year I’ve got a lot more stuff with Chucky,” he teased. “It was fun.”

However, filming scenes with Chucky is a lot more complicated—and requires a lot more takes—than you’d think due to the on-set mechanics of working with the props..

“What you don’t know—or what I didn’t know—is that you have to do each bit and there’s a different Chucky for everything,” Sawa explained. “There’s Chucky with legs, there’s Chucky with arms, there’s mad Chucky, happy Chucky.”

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